Helen M. Danahey, MD
Dr. Danahey is a pediatrician who has previously practiced in Utah and Colorado. Her areas of special interest include developmental pediatrics and attention deficit disorders. She received her Bachelor of Science and M.D. degrees from Creighton University, and she completed her residency training at the University of Minnesota Hospitals in 1985. Her hobbies include golf, biking, walking and Church activities.

Dwayne L. Gorman, MD

Dr. Gorman joins us after having been a staff physician at the El Rio Community Health Center for 4 years. Dr. Gorman received his Bachelor's degree in microbiology (with a minor in chemistry) at Northern Arizona University. He earned his MD at The University of Arizona and completed his pediatric residency training at University Medical Center.
Christopher Hickie, MD, PhD
Dr. Hickie is a pediatrician who enjoys all aspects of pediatrics, from seeing newborns to treating college-age young adults.  He is an Arizona native who completed his pediatric residency in Tucson in 2003.   He received his M.D. from the University of Connecticut in 2000. He also has a Ph.D. in  Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Houston and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California.  He and his wife, Tacie, a pediatric nurse, founded Cottonwood Pediatrics in 2003 to provide pediatric care to the then underserved southeast Tucson and surrounding communities. They have four children and have been foster parents as well. His hobbies include cycling and geocaching.